Artists critiques

“His technical skill, apprehend you and draw you into his thoughts. Atmospheres, edges and lighting phenomenon are his subjects, and he brings them to life in the space of his canvas. Talented in many mediums, Vincent’s is an artist to admire and to watch.”

Casey Klahn. Painter. (Davenport. WA. USA)

“When I am looing at Vincent’s paintings I am struck by the elusive nature of his subjects. Everything moves in and out of our perspective the way we truly see. His visionary paintings have a life of their own, allowing the viewer the opportunity to magine. His work is full of subtlety and play. With a gentle handling of the artists brush, the viewer is enchanted and brought to a place wherein the VM Ripoll Arias has brought us, and the journey was well worth it.”

Jessica Henry Davis. Painter. (Boston. MA. USA)

“Your work is absolutely mesmerizing. The way you translate texture and mood makes me feel part of each piece. Beautiful.”

Jennifer Graham. Photographer. (Oakland. California. USA).

“VM Ripoll Arias work captures in a beautiful way, both the mundane and the transcendent. The viewer’s eye is captured by the freshness of his compositions. His ability to design is a true talent! In his multi media images of a wide variety of subject matter, there is a sophisticated use of lights and darks that is especially engaging. His use of color is both thoughtful and expressive. It is a privilege to view Vincent’s. Work not only because his image reveal the beauty found in every day scenes, but because we get to see the world through his eyes. In this way, he so generously shares his vision with the viewer and an engaging conversation begins through imagery. Already feeling in its purest form, and I do not usually speak of many artist ground.”

Kathryn Mapes Turner. Painter. (Jackson. Wyoming. USA)

“At first it is the strong sense of design and dynamic composition that immediately attracts me to Vincent’s artwork. Suddenly I am captivated and I am engaged. As I get closer, I am overwhelmed by a feeling of nostalgia, and of being present in a fleeting moment in time that has been beautifully captured by the Artist. But, being an artist myself, i want to learn more. I want to carefully study his technique, his colors, temperatures, edge work, design, and composition and then I come to realize one thing: that I am indeed admiring the artwork of consummate Master. Outstanding work. Congratulations Vincent!”

Gladys Roldan-de-Moras. Painter. (San Antonio. Texas. USA)